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Auto Registration

auto-registrationWhat Is Auto Registration?

Auto registration is to establish clear ownership of a vehicle. All auto purchases or transfers must be registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles. You will need the following:

How Do I Change Vehicle Ownership?

There are a few steps to changing vehicle ownership. We can handle most DMV paperwork right here in our office so you won’t have to wait in line. You will always need the following:

  • California Certificate of Title or Application for Duplicate or Paperless Titles
  • Signature(s) of sellers (s) and lienholder, if any
  • Signature(s) of buyers (s)
  • Transfer fee

You may also need the following:

What Constitutes a Change in Ownership?

Any change of the registered owner or lienholder (legal owner) of a vehicle or vessel is considered to be a change in ownership that must be updated on the records at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The change is usually due to:

  • Sale or gift
  • Adding or deleting the name of an owner
  • Inheritance
  • Satisfaction of lien (full payment of car loan)

Transfer—Whenever there is a change of ownership, the DMV refers to the transaction as a “transfer.”

Seller—The person(s) and/or company shown as the registered owner on the Certificate of Title (and DMV’s records) is always referred to as the seller, even if the vehicle is a gift.

Buyer—The person(s) and/or company who is going to become the new registered owner is referred to as the buyer.

How Much Does It Cost?DMV Fees

Any fees will be determined when your application is submitted. Here are some possible fees that we can go over in our office:

  • Transfer fee
  • Use Tax – Based on new registered owner’s city and county of residence
  • Registration Renewal
  • Planned Non-Operation
  • Duplicate Title
  • Replacement License Plate – Due if a license plate has been lost or stolen.

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